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Floor Plan

When a property is assessed for an EPC we can provide floor plans for agents details alongside the EPC for £15 [up to 5 bedrooms; 6-8 bedrooms £20]

sample floor plan

Domestic Energy Performance Certificate

ImageAn Energy Performance Certificate [EPC] is required by law whenever a home is sold, rented or constructed.

We are committed to providing a prompt and efficient service-the EPC will be available within 48 hours of the instruction being received so that you can proceed with the marketing or renting of your property. [n.b. timescale is subject to access to the property and the availability of information from the owner].

EPC's for all properties up to and including 5 bedrooms are £60 [no VAT]; for 6 to 8 bedrooms £80; larger properties by quotation.

The assessment of a medium sized property will take about one hour-timings vary according to the size and the complexity of the property. This is followed by about 2 hours work in the office collating the data and inputting it into the software that produces the EPC.

  • One assessor will undertake a maximum of 3 assessments per day in order to ensure that all properties are thoroughly and properly assessed.
  • Appointment timings are flexible, and weekend or evening visits are possible.
  • We are always willing to explain or clarify EPC's to home owners or to prospective buyers or tenants.
EPC's can only be produced by an energy assessor who is accredited with an independent scheme. Oliver Tippett was trained by and is accredited with NHER, a government regulated organisation [Certification Scheme No. NHER 003168]. NHER are required to ensure that all their assessors are 'fit and proper persons'. Thus their Energy Assessors are required to undergo Criminal Records Bureau checks, to be fully insured, and to maintain and to regularly update their professional knowledge and skills.

50% of Carbon Emissions in the UK come from buildings; over half of those [27%] come from domestic dwellings. The way a building is constructed, insulated, heated and ventilated, and the type of fuel used, determines its energy consumption and carbon emission rate.

The EPC provides energy efficiency ratings A to G [similar to those found on fridges etc], and an environmental impact rating. These ratings are standard so the energy efficiency of one building can be compared with another. The average rating in the UK is 46 [Band E].

The EPC also makes recommendations for improvements, and shows potential ratings if the recommended improvements are carried out. This information can be used to cut energy consumption, save money on bills, and help to safeguard the environment.

Click Here for more information about EPC's on the Government Website

To order an EPC or for any further information please either phone us [01872 530124 or 07837 574707], or go to Contact Us and send us a message-we will then call you back as soon as possible

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Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

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